Imagine buttons can be more than just clickable elements—they transform into miniature canvases of art.

Form groups of 3-4 people based on your birth month. It's a fun way to see if the birthday paradox holds true in our workshop—do any two of you share the same birthday?

  1. Time is of the essence, so we'll concentrate on the static appearance of our buttons, using only CSS for styling.
  2. Our focus will be on the button's visual elements, excluding labels to avoid distraction from typography.
  3. Feel free to draw inspiration from button-playscape.
  4. As a group, decide on key design principles that will act as the foundation for your buttons. Clearly articulate these guiding rules in a single sentence, like "Buttons designed with thick, dotted borders in varying shades of purple." Write it down.
  5. With these principles in mind, design a set of 3-8 buttons. This collection should reflect the design direction your group has decided upon.

Use sandbox-template to get started with styling your button. Using the selected design principles, each group will design and create a series of buttons—anywhere from three to eight.

Each group will present their collection of handcrafted buttons. This is the moment to share the story behind your designs and the principles that shaped them.

Please upload your code to this form.